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How to Stand Out Online as a Job Applicant

We’re in a digital age where we can have an idea about a person just by taking a look at their online profiles. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself as a job applicant to potential employers.

Organize your social media accounts

Your social media accounts will help potential employers know who you are, your family, your friends, your hobbies, your values, even your employment history! The manner of how you set up your social media accounts will paint a picture of your life. If you have public accounts, anybody will have access to it and will know you on a personal level. But if you have a private profile, you can choose what you show the public.

Take your time to review your social media profiles and try to delete or hide embarrassing photos. Update your profiles by adding employment history, education, achievements, and a fun biography. Your role as a job applicant is to always put your best foot forward!

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the go-to website for recruiters to search for potential employees. LinkedIn will paint a professional picture of you. It’s important that you have as much valuable connection as you can to increase the chance of recruiters viewing your profile.

Fill out as much as possible fields in your LinkedIn profile. Use keywords in your job title and descriptions. These are crucial when a recruiter views your profile. LinkedIn is pretty much your resume online. The great thing about it is that they can message you right away if they’re interested in you, whether or not you applied for a job with them! That’s a potential work coming to you! Aside from a well-written and keyword optimized job title and descriptions, ensure that you have a professional photo posted. Why? This will help recruiters complete their ideal candidate in you. It also shows how professional you are by completing your profile with a professional profile photo.

Create a professional email signature = professional job applicant

Having a professional email signature will make you stand out among the other applicants. Not only that, it will also inform recruiters of where you’re from, contact details, and your social media accounts. This translates to you inviting them to know more about you – from a mediocre job applicant to a potential high-performing one. So, at that point, you’re already a recruiter’s top of mind.

You can create your professional email signature with an online professional signature generator. You can also add a professional photo to your signature. Choose among the different templates, change font colors and style, and link your social media accounts.


Create a professional and attractive online presence with these tips. Not only will your potential employers be amazed of a professional job applicant such as yourself, but you’d also go about your day with no worries of them finding embarrassing and personal information about you.

Have you done all these tips and received massive success? Potential employers blowing up your phone, email, and LinkedIn messaging?


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