How Long Does It Take?

Once you send us an enquiry via any of the contact forms on this site, or via email at, PATH will schedule you in to our week ASAP.

Generally, from the time you send us your old documents and relevant information, it takes an average of 4 business days for you to receive your order back in your inbox.

If we have had a flood of orders, and it looks like it may go over the 4 days, your consultant will let you know.


And hey, if they have had enough coffee in their system, you may even get it a day early! 

How Much Will It Cost Me?

PATH Consulting uses set pricing.

This means, you pay the same rate regardless of how long it takes the consultant to complete your order.

We know that sometimes you can engage other services, only for them to hit you with an extra unexpected fee. You wont get ANY of that at PATH.


You can view our current prices via the button below.

Who Handles My Order?

PATH Consulting is an Australian Owned and Operated Business, headed by Founder Michael Read. Michael is an industry professional, having extensive experience in various employment industry related businesses, including employment services and human resources. 

In his professional career before founding PATH Consulting, Michael spent a lot of time working in a Business 2 Business format with various Australian Companies and Employers discussing their ideal candidates, and placing them in employment.

This has allowed Michael to gain a fantastic insight into what employers WANT.

Your order at the initial stage is always handled by Michael. In 90% of cases, the order is handled start to finish by Michael, however if there is the need for an expert opinion, Michael will contract small portions of the work out to former colleagues and industry friends (at no additonal cost to you).

Why Should I Use a Professional Resume Service?

Well, to put it simply, you can do it yourself if you like, and you may get some nibbles from it from interested employers.

Or, you could engage a professional that has spent years inside the industry, liaising with employers, is an employer themselves AND gets to spend work time researching current trends, analysing data and ensuring that all documents they produce are on the cutting edge of modern employment market expectations.

Engaging a professional not only makes sure you get a good document that sells you well, it puts you in the top 5% of candidates immediately. We know this because we see thousands of resumes per month – and we see the change it makes to someones prospects when they come back and say THANK YOU for the work we have done!

You can read more in our blogs below

Why Should I Use PATH Consulting Over Other Services?


We are an Australian, ABN registered, GST registered, ASIC registered business. Unfortunately, this isn’t the norm in the Resume industry.

The Resume Industry is changing.


Unfortunately, that change isn’t for the better in some cases.

With the power of easy to use website builders, there is an abundance of overseas writers from third-world countries who have set up websites, claimed to be Australian, and pay for their advertisements to show up on your google search. They then charge half of what everyone else is charging.

Why does this affect the industry?

– It take’s business from real Australian companies like this one.

– It means that hard working people like yourself could be tempted by these prices. These businesses usually have a low standard of English and just place all your old information into a template with no changes. 

Unfortunately, because they are not ABN registered, and often not even within the country, there’s not much you can do about it once you’ve given them your money.

At PATH, we are transparent. Open. Honest.

We are based in Newcastle, NSW, however, we service clients from all across the country on a daily basis. Through email and phone contact we can assess your needs, gather the information we require and provide you with some truly outstanding documents.

We also offer unlimited revisions. This means, once you receive the final documents, you can suggest as many changes as you like. 

We will keep working together to communicate your needs to make any changes required until you are 100% satisfied.

Think you’re ready to get started? Just hit the Contact Us button below. 


Talk soon!

How Can I Get Started?!

This one is easy. You can navigate to any of the contact options in our menu bar at the top of the page, or you can click below to view our services.

On the service page, there is a contact box where you can fill in the details, make an order, or ask any questions.

Alternatively, you can just email us at