What Are Interview Coaching and Interview Training?

Job interview can be a really stressful process especially for people who have never worked before. It can get really personal as you answer questions in front of a panel of experts. The way you talk, the way you carry yourself; everything is taken into account. Even if you have some experience working within the industry or on a particular position, you might get tongue tied and quickly lose confidence.

Needless to say, all of this can prevent you from getting that dream job you wanted so much.

But don’t be afraid; there is a solution! Like with everything else, you can improve your skills with some practice. While there is an option of doing interview preparation at home, it is best if you hire an interview coach.

A professional can tell you what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. Career coaches have lots of experience and can give you some valuable tips that lead you to that new job that you wanted so much. The very fact that so many interview companies have opened in Australia tells you how efficient this approach is!

Here is what interview coaching offers.

How can interview coaching help you?

Interview training exponentially increases your chances of success during a job interview. These sessions will make you more confident, they will teach you how to behave in front of employers and what kind of responses they wish to hear. As a result, people who are well prepared are much more likely to succeed in their job search.

Furthermore, an interview coach can give you a great feedback that will work in your favor. Having a highly knowledgeable interview expert may not seem much to some people but this will give you just that slight edge over other candidates.

Here are some situations where interview training can come in really handy:

  • You are nervous during interviews

It is quite normal to be nervous before an interview. In the end, the stakes are usually quite high! But if you have enough experience, the interview may seem more like a formality. You have to get used to the process in order to feel relaxed and the best way to do it is to practice the situation with your interview coach.

  • You haven’t had an interview for some time

If you haven’t searched for a job in a while, there is a good chance you’re a bit rusty. This will affect your overall performance but it might also affect your knowledge of the market. People who were static for a while don’t know what’s currently hot and what kind of a skill set you require for a particular role. An interview coach can give you valuable feedback and bring you up to speed.

  • You have a bad relationship with the previous company

Oftentimes people create a conflict with management or an executive of their previous company. Of course, the new employer will ask you for a letter of recommendation and they might even contact your previous employer. So, be prepared to answer questions about your previous company in the right way.

  • You’re not getting any offers

Interview coaches have a wide array of skills. They’re not only good at teaching people how to behave during interviews but they’re also very knowledgeable when it comes to employers and what they expect from a candidate. If you’re not getting any job offers, there is perhaps something wrong with your resume, perhaps you’re not focusing on the right skills or you’re unable to find the right position for your skillset. No matter what kind of an issue you’re having, an interview trainer can support you.

  • You’re being rejected way too often

Certain candidates have numerous interviews before getting an offer. This usually isn’t because of luck or something intangible like that. Instead, they likely have a character flaw or trait that employers don’t like. If you’re constantly getting rejected during face-to-face interviews, there is a good chance it’s because of your personality. The best way to discover what’s wrong is if you have a conversation with an expert.

  • The company has special requirements

Let’s be honest, most companies have high expectations of their candidates. They are prepared to go to extreme lengths in order to discover whether this is the right person for their business. If you have an interview in a company that is notorious for its questioning, you might want to do some extra preparation beforehand.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why you should have an interview training.

Keep in mind that a job search is all about quickness: it’s much better to invest in your interview skills and secure a job quickly than to be without a job for another couple of month. This is especially true if you have a dream job interview and you don’t want to mess it up.

How does the interview look like?

We’re located in physically located in Newcastle, NSW. However, we also provide online video interview training via Skype. So if you’re located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth our tailor-made program will help you with your practical job issues. In that regard, each session may vary based on your current needs. You don’t even have to leave your home.

However, there is a procedure to start things off.

Here are some of the things you might do during an interview training:

  • Practice routine

A career coach will ask you questions, in the same manner, an interviewer may do it. Common questioning techniques will be used and they will be adjusted according to the type of job you applied to.

  • Polishing your skills

After practice routine, the professional coach will provide feedback. The emphasis will be placed on your body language, appearance, confidence and everything else that may affect the interviewer. Together, you will try to iron out the kinks making sure you have all the tools necessary.

  • Preparing counter-questions

Once you’re done, the interviewer will ask you whether you got some questions for them. Most candidates neglect this and often don’t have any questions for the opposite side. This is regarded as a mistake as you have to show some interest in the company and your future working environment. The interview trainer will help you prepare a set of intelligent questions that you can ask the company’s management.

  • Profiling a company

If needed, you can also make a brief rundown of an organization, its needs, its reputation, etc. This will help you prepare for a particular situation that might come up. By knowing more about the company you’re applying for, it will be easier to navigate an interview and presume what type of questions there will be during it.

After the training, candidates should have a much better understanding of the whole process, what is required of them and how HR departments judge them. All of this should exponentially increase their odds of getting the job they want.

During the session, one or more things can be done. Of course, the expert will give you a suggestion as to what has to be done but it’s your right to choose a particular exercise.

Types of interview coaching

There are various ways companies do interview training.

Our personal policy is to always help out our customers by doing whatever is most suitable. So basically, it can be done face-to-face, by phone or Skype call, or in some other way online.

As previously mentioned, the process is usually based on a practice interview. In some cases, the coach can send you a list of questions to which you have to reply by sending a video message. So practically, the training doesn’t have to be done in real time. However, keep in mind that this is just one of the services we are offering to our clients.

When training is done personally or directly via online communication, the coach is also able to pick up on your nonverbal signs and can even asses your clothing choice. When done personally, we can easily check your facial and body language making sure you have the right attitude in front of the management. If you think you have a temper or a character issue, this is the type of approach we recommend. With the right feedback, you can change the things that were previously holding you back.

Coaching can be done for any interview type. One of those is a panel interview or interviews with a presentation. Both of these are very rare and it is really hard to prepare for them. In fact, most candidates will feel out of sorts during these conversations. But, in some cases, they might land you a unique, very lucrative job. So, instead of leaving it to chance, it is much better to prepare properly and nail the interview! 

All in all

Our coaching service can be used by everyone regardless of their job or interview experience. In fact, if you look professional and ooze confidence, you can even negotiate better working and salary conditions. All of this makes interview training a good investment.

Anyway, if you’re interested in any of the above-mentioned services, don’t hesitate and contact us today. You can reach us via email or by phone at all times.

Whether you’re looking for a job in Australia or someplace else, our interview experts will do their best to prepare you for the upcoming challenges!


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