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We gave you an awesome guide on professional resume writers the last time, and we figured that you’d still have more questions about hiring one. That makes sense; lots of people in Australia are looking for a piece of advice regarding their next job.

By now, you’ve determined that you need a professional resume writer but how do you choose the right one? There are numerous writing service companies out there and it’s hard to find the one that will suit your needs. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read this post and we will reveal the main the things you need to know to contract the right professional resume writer.

Check out their qualifications

As what we mentioned the last time, you supply the information to the right professional resume writer, and they make it pretty attractive for recruiters. Professional resume writers would create cohesive strategic marketing with your resume by using proper keywords and speaking the recruiters’ “language”. Job search nowadays has become hectic and its really hard to get decent interviews. It’s easy for anyone to use your current resume content and put it in their own template. That’s not what professional resume writing is all about.

Ensure that you understand their process and it will work for you

Professional resume writers have different approaches when it comes to getting information from you, and it’s critical that you understand and agree with it. If you don’t have any resume available for the use of professional resume writers, you would have to answer a questionnaire from them. With that, you would have to comfortable and be as accurate with your answers as you can be. Don’t worry, most professional resume writers have professional questions in there. Some would also ask you to hop on a call with them to further get information from the resume you provided. In any way, make sure that you’re comfortable with the information you provide and keep in mind that they’re speaking as professionals. The right professional resume writer will assure you of their premium services and delivery. In the end, most of them have years of experience under their belt!

Professional Certifications

When you need to hire a professional resume writer, it’s not a good practice to decide solely on the professional resume writer’s certifications. Job resumes and cover letters can be really tricky in that regard. You have to also look at their other qualifications as to how they can be the right professional resume writer for you. This process would eliminate bias and shift your focus to their expected output. Review all the documents and check their profile prior to making a decision. So, we think that this can affect your deciding factor in getting the new writer but don’t base it solely on one’s certifications.

Check their fees

Going to the cheapest professional resume writer you can find is probably not a great idea. Especially if you’re searching for one on the internet. It’s easy to be scammed these days, and that’s the last thing we want to happen to you. If the price is too good to be true, then it’s probably not true. We’re not saying that you should get the cheapest because expensive doesn’t mean the best. Do your best to research and find out why writers charge that amount. Be mindful that getting the right professional resume writer is a career investment, and you would want the best outcome.

Brand Marketing Strategy

Since writing your resume professionally is marketing in itself, these professional resume writers should prove that they do great marketing for their brand as well. They should have a well-functioning website and a great social media presence. Their content should be fresh to prove that they are up to date especially when it comes to career trends. When it comes to resume writing services, whether we’re talking about CV or cover letter creation, there are some things that are working and those that are not. For clients, it is very important to find a top expert who can write a resume according to their skill and position they’re applying while also considering popular trends. They also have to know what kind of a selection criteria companies have before they invite a candidate for an interview.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of things to consider before settling with a professional resume writer. We hope that this will help you in your career journey.

Ready to get hired? Path Consulting provides excellent career services that will jump-start your career search. We’re rooting for you! Make sure to check our blog for additional information. If you need more information you can always read our privacy policy, online terms of service, or simply contact our team via phone or email.



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Resume writing can be written by you. That’s your first line of action! If this is the case, why are there professional resume writers? What are they for if you can achieve massive success with your own written resume? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article. We would love to answer questions such as what do professional resume writers really do, do you need to hire one, and where to hire one?

What do Professional Resume Writers Really Do?

We like to believe that professional resume writers are more marketing people than your typical writers. It’s pretty understandable that this is confusing but let us explain. Your resume is your gateway to getting a schedule for an interview. This makes you one step closer to getting hired! Just like marketers, they increase the interest of the buyer (the recruiters) in the product (you).

Okay, right? But how do they do it if you can write a pretty good resume already?

Professional resume writers are armed with years of experience in, usually, the human resources industry. If not, they have intensively invested in their training and education. Professional resume writers would increase your chance of being called for an interview because they know what the typical recruiters needs.

Crafting your resume would take some time as they apply a carefully strategised plan to make you shine among fellow job searchers. Remember, your resume is the gateway that interview. That means, recruiters will have their first impression of you just by reading your well-crafted resume. That alone provides so much value and increases your chances of getting in.

Do you need one?

As what we mentioned, you can carefully produce your own resume without the need of professional resume writers. But just to be sure if hiring one is the right thing to do, ask yourself these questions.

Do you have a clear direction about your career?

For professional resume writers to make you shine, you would need to be pretty accurate with what you want with your career. The only information they can bring to your resume is what you provide. Take it as a raw material (your information) then creating (resume writing) something beautiful and appealing (the final resume product) – something that people want. Determine your goal and if you cannot, focus your resources on finding a clear path on what you want to do before creating your resume.

Are you shifting careers?

Professional resume writers’ objective is to highlight your experience and really show why you will be a great asset to the recruiter’s company. If you are to shift career, the process of beautifying your resume will be put to waste. Find some experience about the new career you want to enter before hiring a professional writer.

Are you called for an interview – even if you didn’t apply?

You are so lucky! Not everyone has the opportunity of being called in for an interview without the need of applying. In some sense, you’re on level 2, maybe even 3 depending on who’s interviewing you. If this is the case, you definitely need a professional resume writer. Why? Because you need to put your best foot forward, and you don’t want the recruiters to regret their decision of thinking you’re the perfect fit for the role.

After asking yourself these questions, and it points to hiring a professional resume writer, we need to determine how to find one.

How to Find a Professional Resume Writer?

Research on the internet

The world wide web is such an interesting and useful machine, so use it! There are a lot of digital professional resume writers with their own website and social media presence from all over the world. While this is perfectly great, you should consider searching for professional resume writers within your country. Why? Because they know the needs and hiring process of most companies in your country.

Ask for Recommendations

Get in touch with your peers and colleagues on professional resume writers that they have hired in the past. Ask their overall experience and output with the writer or resume services company. This is pretty advisable as you get first-hand feedback from people you know. Ask your peers and colleagues about their resume written for them so you would get a feel of the voice and approach of the writer.

In Conclusion

You should have a pretty clear decision on whether you need a professional resume writer or not. We hope that this article would help you in your job search process.

If you’re those people who figured that they certainly need a professional resume writer, Path Consulting is a career company who would love to help you in your career journey with our different services!



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We’re in a digital age where we can have an idea about a person just by taking a look at their online profiles. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself as a job applicant to potential employers.

Organize your social media accounts

Your social media accounts will help potential employers know who you are, your family, your friends, your hobbies, your values, even your employment history! The manner of how you set up your social media accounts will paint a picture of your life. If you have public accounts, anybody will have access to it and will know you on a personal level. But if you have a private profile, you can choose what you show the public.

Take your time to review your social media profiles and try to delete or hide embarrassing photos. Update your profiles by adding employment history, education, achievements, and a fun biography. Your role as a job applicant is to always put your best foot forward!

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the go-to website for recruiters to search for potential employees. LinkedIn will paint a professional picture of you. It’s important that you have as much valuable connection as you can to increase the chance of recruiters viewing your profile.

Fill out as much as possible fields in your LinkedIn profile. Use keywords in your job title and descriptions. These are crucial when a recruiter views your profile. LinkedIn is pretty much your resume online. The great thing about it is that they can message you right away if they’re interested in you, whether or not you applied for a job with them! That’s a potential work coming to you! Aside from a well-written and keyword optimized job title and descriptions, ensure that you have a professional photo posted. Why? This will help recruiters complete their ideal candidate in you. It also shows how professional you are by completing your profile with a professional profile photo.

Create a professional email signature = professional job applicant

Having a professional email signature will make you stand out among the other applicants. Not only that, it will also inform recruiters of where you’re from, contact details, and your social media accounts. This translates to you inviting them to know more about you – from a mediocre job applicant to a potential high-performing one. So, at that point, you’re already a recruiter’s top of mind.

You can create your professional email signature with an online professional signature generator. You can also add a professional photo to your signature. Choose among the different templates, change font colors and style, and link your social media accounts.


Create a professional and attractive online presence with these tips. Not only will your potential employers be amazed of a professional job applicant such as yourself, but you’d also go about your day with no worries of them finding embarrassing and personal information about you.

Have you done all these tips and received massive success? Potential employers blowing up your phone, email, and LinkedIn messaging?


It’s time to build a well-written and concise cover letter and resume! Don’t know how to make one that will continuously put you on the employer’s top of mind?

Not to worry! Path Consulting is a professional cover letter and resume builder that has helped a lot of job applicants!

We’d be so thrilled to share with you who we are and our services! Just fill out your contact details here! Talk soon!



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You’re slowly building your LinkedIn network and you get excited with each new connection!


But what does this all mean? Yeah, your connection looks big but, it doesn’t add value to you.

What should you do?

You can start a conversation with them!

I hear you say ‘what for?’, ‘I’m shy!’ or ‘I don’t want to!’

The whole purpose of LinkedIn is to build your professional network that will be helpful to your professional profile – for referrals or possible employment.

So, how can these be possible? A simple conversation.

Here are tips to help you start connecting on LinkedIn

1. Focus on your subject line

What you have on your subject line will give an impression that you are a friendly professional. Start off with a ‘Thanks for the connection’ or ‘great meeting you here!’ as your subject. Develop or personalize depending on who you want to message. You can also compliment their LinkedIn content if you liked it. If you met them somewhere and connected in LinkedIn after, tell them where you met them and it’s nice to connect. Something like ‘it was nice meeting you at the 123 event’ or ‘I’d love to continue our conversation here from 123 event’. A simple gesture of messaging will let them know how appreciative you are.

2. Introduce yourself

Tell them who you are or where they might know you from. Forget mentioning your brand or purpose and be personal with them. It’s nice to have a conversation with just being people. It would be like starting a friendship.

3. Take a peek at their LinkedIn profile and mention things you have in common

It’s helpful to do a little research on them before starting a conversation. Aside from knowing what they like or do, they would possibly look at your profile and anticipate your message. Let them know that you have the same connection, same experiences, or same skill set. This would build the conversation and give you the chance to familiarise with each other.

4. Don’t ask for anything

It might be tempting to offer your services but doing these would defeat the purpose of being personal and building your connections even further. It would show that you only messaged the person to offer your services. It’s possible that once you ask for a favour, they would stop communicating with you.

5. Contribute!

To add value to your conversation, offer what you can do for them. Do this instead of asking them for a favour. Tell them that you can reach out to you should they need help in anything – especially if it involves your expertise. Let them know that you like to contribute as a connection. Like, comment, or share their content if possible and if you support it. It’s important to be visible to them as much as you can. Let them know that you’re not just another number in their connections. They will definitely see value in you and if they can’t offer you something directly, they can give out good words about you.



LinkedIn is more powerful than others imagine for your career goals. It’s critical to build a personal connection with your network. You never know who will contact you for your services. A possible LinkedIn connection can link you to a CEO and can be a big thing for your career. Don’t dismiss messaging your connections. Are you a fresh graduate who feels lost in the world of employment? These tips are for you! 

And if that happens, your great personality needs an impressive resume and cover letter to further leverage your possible employment. Path Consulting has valuable service packages that you will definitely suit your needs! 


We’re rooting for you!




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Writing your own resume may seem like an easy feat but having information all over the place can result in a scattered and incoherent jumble of words. Even after you feel like you’ve done your best, you may find that your resume is not that effective as evident on the number of interview invites you receive – which may be zero. Almost every niche has a professional, and that includes a professional resume writer.

Professional resume writers will always level up your resume in terms of putting key phrases, highlighting your qualifications, and showcasing your work experience in a professional and noteworthy manner.

But why do I need a professional resume writer if I can research on the internet on how to build a great one?

Importance of a Professional Resume Writer

Professional resume writers actually studied and researched about what catches the attention of employers. They have the actual experience in building an effective resume for you!

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Professional Resume Writer


To bring purpose

Professional resume writers can and will bring forth your purpose to a company. They properly highlight your experiences that will show employers that you’re best fit for the job.

You might find that some of your experiences are not that important but a professional resume writer can highlight how you made a difference in that particular work experience.

Highlighting your past roles will show the recruiter how valuable you are, and that they should immediately hire you!


To show confidence

Your resume says a lot about your self-confidence through your relevant skills and roles. Professional resume writers can definitely find the right words to show that.

Most recruiters love confident candidates because it shows how much of a professional you are and that you know what you’re doing.


To avoid the reject pile

It’s very familiar that people, especially at this era, does not have a long attention span. Reading for quite some time without substantial information will make them jump to the next material fast! The same is true for recruiters.

If they find your resume boring and bland, they will immediately move your resume to the reject pile. The professional resume writers already know what the recruiters are looking for and will, therefore, guarantee you an interview schedule!


To handle issues

Jumping job after job will definitely show your dream company that you can’t commit to a single job role. Surprisingly, this is one of the problems faced by most job seekers today.

Professional resume writers can rewrite your experience and show the best qualities and experience you gained. Above all, the focus will now be on the positives instead of the negatives.


To show your versatility

Employers would definitely go for candidates who have a lot of skills and accreditation because it shows that they are flexible and useful in other tasks other than what their positions require.

Showing that you have a flexible skillset will most probably give you an advantage over other candidates and increase your chance of getting called for an interview.


Doing your own resume may take you some time before you get an interview from your dream job, but hiring a professional resume writer increases your chance of being employed in a faster time.

Your carefully crafted resume may get you that interview, but showing your confidence and the manner of how you present yourself during an interview will determine your chances of being hired.

Totally set on hiring a professional resume writer? Path consulting is here to help you in building your rockstar resume! Aside from a resume, Path Consulting offers more professional services that you can avail. Contact us!