What Is Statement of Claims?

If you ever applied for a job within the Australian Public Service or APS, you’ve probably heard of the term statement of claims.

During the application process, the applicant is required to submit both their resume and a statement of claims (which is also referred to as key selection criteria). It is crucial for the applicant to present this information in the most authentic and trustworthy way possible.

You have to abide by the format and length of the statement of claims. Keep in mind that this may vary based on the position for which you’re applying, the department and seniority of the role. So, even though the statement of claim is somewhat universal, there will be certain variations.

Job Eligibility

When it comes to Australian Public Service jobs, you have to meet the following criteria in order to apply:

  1. Being a citizen of Australia
  2. Passing a security check-up
  3. Passing medical examination (if the job requires it)
  4. Completing the ‘redundancy benefit period’. In other words, if you are currently receiving redundancy benefit, you cannot apply for any jobs within APS until this period is over.

While some of these requirements may seem strict at first glance, these are common procedures that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. In fact, you might even have to fulfill certain things from our checklist for jobs offered by private companies. There is also a list of general documents and forms that you need to fill prior to applying.

How to prepare a statement of claim?

For every position within the Australian Public Service, there will be a specific set of requirements. With the statement of claims, you have to address these requirements and show how you are the perfect fit for the position. Candidates need to underline their skills and qualities that would allow them to successfully perform the job.

There will be certain expectations outlined in the duty statement and selection criteria. The candidate has to be mindful of them and address them accordingly. Australian Public Service expects that you present them with certain situations which you faced during your previous employment. You also have to describe in which way you were involved with these projects and the kind of a role you had. All of this is done so that the APS can assess your knowledge, experience, qualifications, and skills.

By using a statement of claim, candidates need to:

  1. Show that they possess the ability to perform the job
  2. Provide specific examples that would support that claim
  3. Show previous positive results

It’s crucial for candidates not only to show they can perform a job but also whether or not they managed to do so in the past. Previous achievements are extremely valuable for APS so you will have to place emphasis on that. Ideally, the candidate should present one or two examples by using the STAR model.

What is the STAR model?

STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. It is an ideal way to approach the statement of claims regardless of which position you’re applying for.

Here is how it’s used:

  • Situation– Describe a particular situation where you had to use your skill
  • Task– What kind of a role did you have during this situation?
  • Action– What kind of actions did you perform?
  • Result– What kind of a result did you achieve? How will that result affect your current application?

Adding a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume

Besides the statement, the candidate will also have to provide an up-to-date CV or Resume. Keep in mind that they will have to be adjusted for the position you’re applying for. In that sense, you will have to place focus on experience and skills that will support your statement of claims. So, make sure to redo it so it fits this particular application. Besides that, a resume should look professional. If you’re in a specific industry that allows creativity with resumes, perhaps you should consider going with a more traditional form. Needless to say, you should avoid any type of digital presentation or a resume with great graphics solutions. In this particular case, it can only be a hindrance.

Among other things, your CV or Resume should include data such as your contact details, work experience, skills and education, achievements and so on. Curriculum vitae should place focus on things that are required so adding too many things to it will be a mistake; it shouldn’t be longer than 3 pages.

While CV and Resume are always important and will be taken into consideration, in this case, it is more of an addition to your statement. No matter what, the documentation is just a part of the whole process as you will have an interview that will make or break your chances of getting the job. Still, as a governmental body, this information has to be placed in the system and to be available at all times.

Placing focus on references

Like with any other job application, references are very important. APS will check your references and take notice of everything that has been said. So, make sure to add people who can vouch for you.

When it comes to the supervisor’s report, it usually isn’t necessary. However, it might be required for certain job positions. Nevertheless, the candidate should always include details of the current supervisor or employer so that the APS can contact them if needed.

While these contact details are necessary, keep in mind that APS will not contact all supervisors; it will only be for the most competent shortlisted candidates. The supervisor needs to be in a position to give a valid assessment of your performance in the previous organization. So, make sure to refer to someone who has proper knowledge of your work. Keep in mind that the selection panel may ask for a written or verbal report from your supervisors at any moment. Personal feedback is held in high regard as it can provide some additional information regarding the applicant. Sometimes, a supervisor might have to submit a file or two that will corroborate these claims. Nevertheless, it is all regarded as the common application procedure.

What’s the best approach?

When it comes to applying for Australian Public Service jobs, statement of claims is an important factor that may decide whether or not you will pass. Most people make a mistake by going too broad and often neglect the most important details for a particular position. So, you should consider hiring a professional resume writer specializing in the statement of claims.

A good resume writer will be able to properly address selection criteria and place focus on the required qualities. Keep in mind that different jobs have different requirements so it’s very important to create a CV or Resume and statement of claim that will highlight your skills and experience in the right way. There are many things that can go wrong so candidates will have to place lots of focus on the document creation. Like with all other government forms that need to be filed, almost all of them are relevant and can increase your chance of landing a job.

Just to be on the safe side, we recommend that you hire PATH Consulting today. With our resume writing experts, you can rest assured that you will have a perfect statement of claims and CV or Resume that will increase your chances of being called for an interview and hired for a job.

Please make sure to check the other content on our website. We offer a number of services that can help you during a job search process. You can contact us online at any time via email if you have any further questions; you can also read our legal disclaimer, privacy policy and terms of use before making your decision.


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