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Job Search: A Step By Step Guide to Success

Is job search something that you have always tried to avoid? Have you exhausted all your efforts and energy into finding the job that fits you well? Are you finding yourself in an endless painful cycle of applying for a job position and no one is still calling you for  a job offer?

The job search has never been easy and it would take a long time before you can finally be happy with what you have accomplished. Searching for a job was never easy – unless you know someone from the inside, then it can be a lighter process for you. Nevertheless, it still takes a lot of effort from the job applicant. It’s super frustrating to go through all the hardships but still end up empty-handed – without a job.

Job search is a daunting experience for anyone but with a systematic and strategic approach, it can lighten your load and expect a better output. Read below the different steps you can take to end up with success in your job search journey!

Understand your job search transition

Finding a job is a process, and you have to start somewhere. Whether you have just graduated, resigned from your job or have been laid off, you have to understand and start transitioning into finding a job. Carefully plan and strategise how you would approach the situations.

If you have been laid off, it’s better if you don’t cite or connect with the company in your documents such as your resume. You can’t depend on them on saying good words about you especially if you have been fired for personal issues. If you have been fired because the company has been struggling, talk with your immediate superior and ask for their support on your job search.

Are you resigning or have resigned? Make sure that you have a secured job waiting for you. If you have resigned for any reason, and you have no backup employment position, prepare a great explanation for resigning. Avoid bad mouthing the company as the employer will think that you can do the same thing to them.

Define your priorities

Determine the kind of job you’re looking for based on your priorities. List down the reason what you didn’t like about your past employment to specify what you want in a new one. Is it the position, the office location, or your relationship with your office mates? Any reason that you can think of will help you narrow down your priorities in your job search.

Ensure that you have a clean online presence

A clean online presence would show how much of a professional you are. Any recruiter can research your name and it would show your social media accounts. Any update on your life, including embarrassing photos, can be seen by anyone – unless you clean up your accounts. Before going on a job search, make sure that you have made your online profiles professional. It’s better to prepare because all it takes is a simple internet search to know you.

Have your resume and cover letter ready

These are the documents that would bridge from where you are to where you want to be as an employee. You would want your resume and cover letter to stand out because everyone wants what you want. It’s only fitting that you carefully plan both of these documents. As long as you have specified the position and kind of work that you like, you would have a clear structure of what you want. If you still have not settled on a specific work, you can tailor fit your resume and cover letter to the positions that you would like to apply to.

Search and apply for jobs!

Now that you have strategised the process in developing your approach in your job search, you are ready to explore the available jobs you want and apply! There are a lot of avenues where you can search for the jobs you like and all it takes is more patience and time. Since we’re living in the digital age, most job openings are posted online. Make sure that your cover letter and resume are digitally ready.

After submitting your cover letter and resume, you’re ready to prepare for other things like interviews. This would require a different kind of preparation as you would be face to face with the recruiter. This is your chance to further evaluate if their company is what you really want as your next employment.


Being fully prepared for a job search is vital in your career. You don’t want to go in something that important without strategically preparing. As much as possible, you would want to put your best foot forward and stand out among the other applicants. Aside from mentally preparing yourself for a job search, it’s important to also have a strong cover letter and resume. If you have been struggling preparing yours for such a long time already, it might be better to ask for assistance from professional resume writers.

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