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Maintain Your Sanity in a Crazy Office with These Tips!

Working in a crazy office can make you lose your sanity – directions are unclear, meeting high expectations is hard, your personality with your officemates doesn’t jive. If you would ever think of resigning, we don’t blame you! But if you need the job – either because of your financial needs, the company is very well-known, or the proximity to your house. Whatever your reason for staying, we commend you!

If you’re someone who’s still struggling if you should go or stay in a crazy office, we will help you maintain your sanity with these useful tips!

Determine who you are and your value

Most people base their value and importance based on their position and paycheck in the office. While these are valid, your value and identity do not heavily rely on those factors. If you have a small position or your compensation is not at par with your other office mates, you will have a very degrading outlook when it comes to working.

How will you know who you are and your value? If you have to choose between things as simple as going to work or not, what would you do? Your answer to these types of questions can help you determine your priorities, value, and your identity. Make an action plan on preserving your identity and values, and stick with it!

Know your place in a crazy office

You should keep in mind the people in authority in your crazy office, and you won’t have a problem. The power dynamics should be well-understood and elaborated especially if you have a crazy office. This will not only make your job easier but will also make your life peaceful.

Choose your battles well and think first before acting. It’s not easy to forget what was said about your work ethics and work performance, but remember to be the bigger person and think of the comments as a constructive criticism.

Befriend your office mates

This tip is very subjective, and it’s very easy to blur the lines between work and personal issues. A team that is heavily bonded – people who can work together well but can share a laugh and stories – is ready to take on as many projects, and you can expect that it will be done flawlessly. Team dynamics is very crucial for a crazy office. Every department might be panicking but if you have a cohesive team, things will go smoothly.

Don’t be so uptight when you’re meeting with your teammates. Just be yourself and try to share as much personality as you can. Over time, you will find your similarities which will strengthen your bond. Just remember to show who you are and avoid trying to please them to the point that you bend your values and identity.


A toxic, crazy office can really affect your work and personal life. It can stress you out to the point of looking at things in a negative light. Having a great personality, a professional outlook and a great support system will help you develop and grow despite the craziness.

If you find out that these tips still won’t help your current situation, then you can write down the pros and cons of staying in the workplace. If you have been consumed with negativity and it feels like you lost motivation to work, then it’s time to search for a new work. Build a great resume that will represent who you are and your experience with your current company.

Are you having a hard time drafting your resume? We understand. You’re in a pretty toxic and crazy office, and it’s hard to think if you have grown professionally. Leave it to us! We can build your resume that will help you land your next employer! Contact us and we would love to help!