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What Employers Expect to Find When They Research You Online

Finding you on the Internet is very easy at this time and age. A quick type of your name on the search bar would give employers your social media accounts or any news that related to you. This is important to most employers as sharing your life online reveals who you truly are, and they want authentic people with no hidden bad history.

Employers search certain information about the job candidates online, and it’s normal for you to feel curious and a bit nervous about it. Of course, you would also want to put your best foot forward. If there are embarrassing details that you don’t want them to see, better to keep your account private or delete them – save it on a secret folder on your phone or computer.

Aside from shielding your dirty secrets from the employer’s eyes, it’s important to also show them why you have a great and tidy online profile. But what are they expecting to see when they research about you? Here below are things that employers expect to find when they search you.

You’re honest

What the employers see on your resume and what they found out during your interview should most probably come close to what you have on your online profile. But if the employer is searching for possible candidates, they most probably set expectations as to what you have shown on your profile.

You’re professional

It’s so easy to rant online about what’s happening to your company or employment situation but employers shouldn’t see that. They would definitely feel that you can do the same thing to them in the future should you have problems with them. It’s better to keep it to yourself or talk about it with family and friends. You can also gossip about it with your workmates but don’t bring it online.

You’re appropriate

Imagine this, you’re wondering why you never got called about your interview after a few weeks. You called the employer, and they told you that they don’t wish to be associated with you, you asked them why, and they said that they saw inappropriate photos of you on Facebook. You quickly scroll to your profile and there it is – tagged photos of a party the night of your interview. It’s normal to have fun and have a life, but you should keep personal, inappropriate photos to yourself. If friends tag you on it, you can politely ask them to remove your tag. You can also opt to change the privacy settings, in a way that people won’t see your tagged photos.

In Conclusion

There are other things that employers expect to find when they research about you, but this list can be your starting point. We believe that these are the crucial ones that need your attention. If you think that these 3 things define you, you can move forward to shaping your professional profile. Your online profile will lead the way to an employer being interested in you, and you should be ready when that happens. A powerful cover letter and resume can help your chances of landing the job that you want.

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