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Employers are Looking for These in Your Resume!

Employers would love a nicely built and coherent resume. It needs focus and determination to create. Resume tips online provide a lot of value but are they really applicable in your own resume?

So, it took you about an hour or so to work on your resume, and it looks polished and ready to go!

You quickly send the resume to the recruiter’s email address and print out a few copies.

A few days, weeks, months have passed, but your phone didn’t ring. Not even once.

You start to wonder, “what went wrong?”

It seems to us like the recruiter didn’t find what they were looking for in your resume.

So, what do employers look for in the resume?

Great Format and Readability

Your resume should exhibit a legible format – easily read font style and font size, clean margins, proper indentation, and spacing.

Aside from this, your resume should also have words that can easily be understood by anyone. Avoid being misunderstood, especially by employers, because you won’t be able to explain or defend yourself from their judgment.

It Passes the 10-Second Rule – Found in one too many resume tips!

Because of the number of resumes the recruiters receive, they’d need to hasten the review of each applicant’s resume. To do this, they scan and look for what the job requires.

The job might require you to have a specific experience, a certain skill, a degree, a license, and the likes. The recruiters immediately find those specifics in your resume, and they allot 10 seconds to do it.

But sometimes, if you have all of these, but your resume doesn’t have a great format and confuses the recruiter, it will definitely go straight to the reject pile.

Coherence and Direct to the Point

It’s not easy to impress employers, and if they get confused by your resume – Yes! That’s right! To the reject pile!

Not all resume tips should be applied into everything as this can cause confusion to employers and if you decided to include irrelevant experiences from the position you’re applying for, it’s better to just remove it.

If they notice it during their scan of your resume, they would think that you don’t have the qualifications they are looking for since you have a different experience. You would think that being a new graduate without any experience will give you a hard time building your resume, but it doesn’t have to be! Focus on including what you did during college and how you can bring value into the company. New graduates armed with great career tips and an awesome attitude will be successful in the corporate world!

Your resume should also be direct to the point, and show why they should hire you. During the interview, you can elaborate more on your skills and experiences.

Things to Avoid the Reject Pile

Poor word choice

You might think that using flowery and scientific words will help your chance to get hired because you sound so smart, think again! Recruiters want it simple and direct. Therefore, use simple words or construct your sentences well to get your point across well.

Typographical Errors

It’s easy to make errors in a jumble of words, and writing your resume for a large amount of time will make you oversee these errors. You can ask family and friends to read your resume and help you catch what you missed. If you like proof-reading tools to help you, one of the best ones is Grammarly. Grammarly has a free version where you can copy and paste your resume to their site, and they will scan it for errors such as typographical and punctuations.

Take note of these resume tips, and you’ll increase your chance of being called in for an interview! If you still have troubles with your resume, Path Consulting can help you with it! Contact us today!