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Skills That Make You the Best Candidate for the Job

Your resume is composed of your information, education, and employment history. Aside from these, it should also showcase your skills to show that you fit the job best. But what if your skills are not what most employers are looking for? What if you know that you have the skillset but wasn’t able to include in your resume? To guide you, here are the skills that make you the best candidate for the job.

Corporate awareness

Employers prefer candidates who have an idea about what the company is all about – their vision, mission, and goals. Employers would appreciate that you researched about them and in return, you will know if it’s a company that you want to represent. As an added point, you can also research on the company’s competitors to get a feel on where the company is in the market, and how you can contribute to their growth.

Team Player

Employers would go for candidates that collaborate well with the other team members. The last thing they want is a disaster because of a clash of varying personalities. Being a team player would mean that you can handle pressure well and that you are willing to carry the tasks of co-workers if they’re not available or capable. What does this mean for you? This will develop your social skills, professionalism, team management, and further your experience and skillset.

Never-Say-Die Attitude

Employers love candidates who are persuasive. With a lot of determination, persuasion skills can definitely be learned. Being on top of the business would mean that the company’s goods and services are patronised by the market. Having the skill of persuasion would translate that you are dependable, and you won’t stop until you accomplish your tasks.

Problem Solver

The main reason that the company will hire you is that you will take in a role and solve problems for them. They don’t want someone who will cause further damage and problems to their corporation. Although it’s understandable that you won’t solve all of the problems that the company have, especially the one that your position does not cover, your logical thinking will be put to test.


A straight and clear communication is very much needed in most corporations and businesses today. A simple misunderstanding can destroy a day’s operation. Employers would prefer employees who can speak their minds professionally and who can take criticism well. Good employers love to give and receive feedback as it can be an avenue for improvements.

Leadership Skills

Experienced candidates need to have leadership skills because even though you won’t have direct reporting people under you, you’d still need to make decisions that only leaders can do. Even if the position you are applying for is not managerial, the fact that you have the efficiency to manage people, delegate tasks, and set deadlines will definitely increase your chances of getting that job.  The employers will know that they can depend on you when they’re not around.

These skills will definitely give you the edge over other candidates, but do not include these in your resume if you believe that you don’t have them. Always be honest on your resume because, during interviews, the recruiter will definitely know if you’re being truthful. Not having these skills doesn’t mean that you cannot have them. Continuous learning and development will help you gain these skills.

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