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Be the Best New Graduate Applicant You Can Be With These Tips

Isn’t it an awesome feeling to be able to finally graduate –  get past the long hours of learning at school, the sleepless nights dedicated to studying, and the gruesome sets of homeworks and examinations? But after all of those hardships, the feeling of success and achievement will dawn on you. Your hard work has definitely paid off!

Congratulations, graduate!

And now, onto the next phase of your life – WORK

You might be feeling very confident – especially if you graduated with flying colours. You’re confident that recruiters will employ you among your fellow graduates. You should know though that the job market is a different kind of competition. A lot of applicants have experiences, various set skills, and connections – things that new graduates usually don’t have.

How can you leverage yourself from these types of applicants?

It’s easy to be discouraged considering that you didn’t expect it and knowing now that you need to work extra hard to be on top of the game.

Here are our tips to be the best applicant you can be after graduation


The only way you can gain the experience that employers expect you to have after graduation is through an internship. Being an intern will expose you to the different office and work scenarios that you never had the chance of experiencing when you were a student. This way, your skill set expands and will leverage your credentials. If you do a great job, it’s possible for the company to absorb you as their full-time employee! Either they absorb you or not, this would be a great vantage point for your resume. Experience as much as you can and absorb the learning.


You might be easily discouraged when you see the job details and qualifications written in a job ad. It’s totally understandable and normal. That’s the reason why having an intern experience will help you visualize office tasks somehow. And if there are details on the ad that is unfamiliar to you, the internet is your best friend! You will be surprised by the information you will find about the job market. If searching on the Internet still doesn’t answer your questions, be honest with employers and let them know that you don’t know it, but you’re willing to learn.


There are hundreds – even thousands – of resume and cover letter templates and tips that you can use on your own. Don’t get stuck on the first concept you see. You can create and personalize as much as you can, depending on the job ads that you’re applying to. You don’t have to, but if you like customizing for different clients, that’s fine. Just remember to be honest and properly organize them. You don’t want the resume going to unintended employers.


Being a new graduate will make you realize that campus life is just a smidgen of the real world. It can be overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!

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