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Build Your Awesome Linkedin Profile With These Easy Tips

Not many know the power of a LinkedIn profile. There are a lot of successful career stories just by being able to build an awesome LinkedIn profile.

Some might say that LinkedIn is the new Facebook but that’s not the case! LinkedIn poses a professional online presence and is absolutely a large job marketplace.

With the number of LinkedIn users, how can you stand out? Here are tips on how to build an awesome LinkedIn profile.

Don’t Be Afraid of Details

Treat your LinkedIn profile like a professional online resume. Input your necessary work experience, skills, and accreditations. Doing so will guarantee that you will catch the attention of employers rather than those who have an empty profile.

Bring in as many details as you can because unlike a resume, you can’t really personalise your LinkedIn profile based on the job that you want or you’re applying for.

LinkedIn has a very broad market and a simple word search that matches what you’ve written in your profile will make you visible to potential employers.

Perfect Your Profile Summary

It’s tempting to leave this blank or just write a generic introduction of yourself. Your LinkedIn profile summary is one of the first things that a potential employer will see and having an eye-catching one can help you land an interview.

This is one of those sections that are similar to Facebook – you can make it personal. You can include your personal achievements, strengths, weaknesses, professional accomplishments, your passions, and the like.

This is your chance to show your personality and authenticity. Employers love reading authentic and personal summaries rather than boring, robotic ones.


LinkedIn helped professionals go a long way. Before, in order to connect, you would have to be introduced to people with notable positions.

Now, you can connect with CEOs and business owners through LinkedIn. You get to know some information about them through their profiles. You can even send a message to offer your skillset!

Having a lot of connections will definitely increase your leverage among other job seekers as your connections already have an idea about your experiences, skills, and capabilities – given that you have completed your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn also has a feature wherein your connections can endorse certain skills to your profile. This can also serve as a skill reference from your previous employer or a colleague.


Your LinkedIn profile should be detailed, has a perfect profile summary, and is connected to a lot of LinkedIn users. This is a lethal combination that will surely help in your job search.

In reference to our article, Your Online Presence is Your Greatest Reference, we live in an age where the recruiters grew up with technology. Everyone has an online profile and your reputation will rely heavily on it.

Recruiters may research your name, and your social media accounts will come up. It’s important to have your LinkedIn profile come up as it will help you showcase your professional side with a touch of your personality.

If you have followed these tips and have received an interview schedule, congratulations! The next step is building an amazing resume. 

Having a hard time creating one?

Reach out to us and we will be glad to help you! Here at path consulting, we’re very happy to connect and help you land your dream job!