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The Perfect Way to Answer the Interview Question “Tell Me About Yourself”

It’s that moment when you receive a message about an interview schedule. You research on the most common interview questions, you practice and prepare for that most awaited day.

Once you’re seated in that chair across the HR, the first question they throw at you is “tell me about yourself.”

When that question leaves your interviewer’s mouth, you immediately have an automatic answer. Your mind suddenly gives you a list of every piece of information about yourself.

Let’s be honest! How difficult is it to answer that?

Well, turns out, it’s much trickier than it seems.

Common (incorrect) answers to that interview question

  • Telling your autobiography – all of it

  • Giving random facts about yourself unrelated to the job

  • Not giving any insight on why you are fitted for the job

This interview question is one of the most difficult to answer because it’s open-ended. The answer can be so broad that you won’t know where to start.

Not a lot of people recognise how this simple question can let you lead the interview

First impression opportunity

This can open the doors to what you would like the interviewer know about you. Yes, I mentioned earlier that telling your autobiography is an incorrect way to respond to this interview question.

Flaunt your achievements

This is an opportunity that can help you showcase your achievements. You can walk away from the interview with the peace of mind that you shared your strengths, future plans, and related experiences.

Tips to Formulate the Perfect Answer to This Question

Review the Job Description

Read about the job qualifications, descriptions, and responsibilities. Research on the company to be aware of their goals, mission, and vision. This can help you set your mind on the ideal employees that the companies are looking for.

Recognise Your Big Three

Sharing all of your information can bore or overload the interviewer. The information you should share should be relevant to the position you’re applying for. So, it’s important that you identify three of your top accomplishments and qualifications. This will highlight your strengths and what you can do for the company.

Organize Your Answer to Form a Story

Create a past, present, and future storyline of your career. Mention your employment history starting from latest to the most recent. Share your future plans and the direction you would want to take. This can help the interviewer determine how your past brought you to the present and how you formulated your future.

Relate your Big Three with the Company

Ensure that your big three is connected to the position your applying for. You can mention that you’re excited to bring in your big three to the company.

Practice the Elevator Speech

The elevator speech is where you create your answer in a span of 60-90 seconds. The best way to do this is to time yourself and practice a lot! Make sure that you’re confident and comfortable with your answer. You can write down keywords instead of scripts so you don’t sound too rehearsed or robotic because you’ve memorized word per word.


In Conclusion

The interview question “tell me about yourself” can be answered in a lot of ways that most job candidates fail to impress with. It’s easy to zone out and tell your life story.

But with the help of this guide and a lot of practice, your answer to this question can make you one of the most memorable candidates and help you land that job!

Aside from being ready for interview questions, a well-rounded and memorable resume is what you would need to land that dream job.

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