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The Power of an Educated Employee

Step forward in 2017: Build in-demand career skills with Coursera

An Educated Employee is a Valuable Employee


Think about that for a second. It is a broad, sweeping statement that often is thrown around by educators at various and regular stages of the life cycle. 

Go to school, go to university, graduate and get a job. That is what the world seemingly values as an “education” and it is what you have been taught is an acceptable way to meet the regulated demands as educated.

This is a daunting prospect if you want to get ahead in your career. Education is expensive, right?

2017 has changed the ‘educated’ game


We live in a lucky time. We have access to anything we want to learn at our fingertips. Google has helped us to grow our knowledge in subjects that interest and ignite us.
However, now in 2017, we can use our laptop to access education from anywhere. How? Through a Massive Online Open Course, or MOOC.

So, what is a MOOC?


A MOOC is a course that is provided to anyone from anywhere. For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on a company that shares and provides access to courses provided by established universities and colleges from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Welcome to your new best friend, Coursera. You will see a bunch of links to Coursera on this page, click on any of them that appeal to you. 

Step forward in 2017: Build in-demand career skills with Coursera

Coursera focus on the growth and development of its users by providing a platform that houses courses from top universities. It’s very easy to use too. You can head over to this link to explore 1600+ online courses from top universities. Join Coursera today to learn data science, programming, business strategy, and more. 

What Can I Gain from a MOOC?


A MOOC provides you with specific insight that, if you pay for the course, you can credit on your resume. This is the important bit. Before MOOCs, you could know a lot about something thanks to the internet. However, you were considered a bit of a trivia master as opposed to a genuine source of information.

You should poke around on Coursera to attain information on how you can best grow your skills in your desired area. Check out the search function to find relevant courses in your dedicated industry, or just find something that is relevant to your interests.

Either way, you will come out a winner. A more employable one at that.

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