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Your Online Presence is Your Greatest Reference!

How Much Does Your Online Presence Affect Your Job Opportunities?

Plenty. In fact, sometimes your online presence is more important than the person you pretend to be in job interviews.

Recruiters live in the digital age, just like you. Just as you find positions via an online job board, recruiters spend their day’s sourcing and researching candidates. 

Are you proud of what they would find if they came across you?

First, we will start with what is OK to have online, for all to see

What’s Acceptable

You are fine to have social media accounts. In fact, it’s kind of weird if you don’t. Recruiters in 2017 have grown up with technology, in an era where we use the internet to essentially research everyone before we meet them face to face. If you aren’t found online anywhere, well it’s natural to assume you have something to hide. 

So make sure you are visible, in some capacity.

Show off your hobbies. If you love the Gym or Fitness, that’s an attractive prospect for a recruiter. If you love to travel, or the arts, or reading, that’s all fine too! 

Show off those ‘vanilla’, and easy things about you. This sort of online presence is visible, palatable, and exciting for recruiters. It makes them want to meet you!

What’s NOT Acceptable

This is where it gets tricky, and where I like to adopt the saying “better safe than sorry”. 

Companies want to hire people who reflect their values. If you have too many opinions one way or the other, you may tread on some proverbial toes before you even have the chance to get up close and personal with your new boss. 

It’s best to ensure you don’t get dragged into online debate, particularly over sensitive and political topics. It never paints you in a good light, regardless of where you stand on the spectrum.

Save those discussions for your friends and family, with a few drinks and healthy debate. Not on a forum that, once you’ve written it, it remains there forever.

So Where Does That Leave Me?

Well, be smart. Remember that anything you place online, photo, video, text or otherwise, is there forever. Even if you delete it, someone may have seen it, screen-shotted it, and passed it on to someone else before you know it.

Your best bet is to treat your online presence as simply that – a presence. 

It does not need to be a literal extension of yourself, but rather a snapshot of the person you are.

Especially when looking for a job.

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