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3 Resume HACKS you NEED to know to BOOST your chances!

How’s your week coming along? Resume and Cover Letter on point?

Are things going well? Getting lots of calls about job opportunities? No? Uh Oh.

Well, lucky for you, you have stumbled across an article that is going to put you in the top 1% of applicants in less than 15 minutes. 

Yep, that easy. I’ll even tell you for free.

Time for Number 1, and it’s an easy one…

1. Rename your Resume File Name. 

That simple. Name it something like JohnSmithResume or ResumeOfJohnSmith. Easy, memorable, and effective. If you want to go even further, though…. you can add a ‘1’ at the front.

Why a ‘1’? Well, simply it will put you at or near the top of the pile. As recruiters, we sometimes find our winner within the first TEN PERCENT. If your name is Zanzibar Ziggles, well you are losing straight off the bat. 

So go on, throw a mystery ‘1’ in there, and get on top of that pile.

2. Add some colour!

Ok, so adding colour is an instant hack. Just make your name a nice pale blue, or make all your headings a different colour. Just don’t leave it all black, it’s boring and makes the page all melt into one. 

If you REALLY want to go to the next level, though… hit us up for a custom graphic designed resume and cover letter. We will make it look so eye-catching, but mature and refined, that your recruiter will even ask you where you got it from. Promise.

3. Get Rid of Your “About Me” and any other junk

Seriously, its 2017. Your Resume isn’t your Facebook anymore – your Facebook is your Facebook!
Recruiters will head online and google everything about you, they don’t need an about me section, they probably already know more about you than YOU know about you…..scary huh?

So make sure your online presence is squeaky clean, and leave a bit of mystery in your resume by just listing the necessary requirements – Work history, education history, qualifications, specific skills, and references. Thats It!

So, just a short one today, but one it’s action packed full of three hints that you can apply to your resume RIGHT NOW to improve your chances.

Go on, off you go!