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5 EASY Tips To Impress Your Boss

Time To Get Recognised.

You work hard every day.

You do your job, and you do it well. 

You keep your head down, you make sure all your work is done on time…

But still, someone else seems to get more attention and praise from those that ‘matter’.


Read on, frustrated employee. Here are 5 EASY Tips To Impress Your Boss.

1. Celebrate Success

Sounds easy! Well, that’s because it is!

Start to celebrate the success of OTHERS in the workplace. Not only will this increase morale around the office, worksite, or your place of employment, but it will also make your colleagues and work-mates want the best for you!

Why is this an advantage? Simple.

When you do something fantastic – they will celebrate it.

When you help them – they are happy to sing your praises to the boss

When Peer Voted Awards happen  – you will win!

This is the fastest way to get noticed by those that have the power!


2. Don’t Stay Late

But wait….doesn’t it make sense to stay late to show the boss how HARD of a worker you are? 

Look at you! Making the business more MONEY on YOUR time!

Nope. Sorry. Myth-Busted.

It actually works against you. Managers and Bosses see people who stay late as those who are rushing to finish their work that they COULDN’T finish during regular business hours. 

A good boss never stays late – coming in early is important – but staying late gives off the impression that you are incompetant of comepleting your work within the timeframe that is expected of you.

How can your boss trust you with a raise if it takes you 10 hours to do what it SHOULD take you 8 hours to do? 

If you really want to send your career into overdrive, you need to be ready to go when everyone else does. If that is 5pm like most traditional business, start packing up at 4:55pm. 

Trust me, I promise I wont let you down here.

3. Request a ‘Review Meeting’ Semi-Regularly

A review meeting! Sounds Scary!

Well, it kinda is….if you aren’t up to date or good at what you do. 

If you are good, and you are up to date, and you ARE desperate for your manager to recognise you………force them to.

“Wait, What?” I hear you say. “Force them to?! Sounds like that would drive my boss AWAY!”

Nah. Nope. Doesn’t. 

If you are up to date, you have all your work done (plus some extra), you should be emailing your boss to schedule a “catch-up” meeting. 

This will mean that your boss HAS to look through all the work you have done recently so they are ready to review your work in order to give you some solid answers. 

If your boss isnt the ‘research’ type, do it for them. Have notes ready, have examples ready, and do it all under the ‘innocent’ guise of…..(Wait for it…use this one…)

Wanting to take some mentoring from your boss, who has been there, done that, and is experienced in the industry. Boom.

And just like that, you have made your boss feel fantastic about themselves, highlighted the work you have done, and painted yourself in a VERY favourable light.


4. “Take A Load Off, Boss!”

Ah, the oldest trick in the book.

Make sure you dedicate ONE day a month to having nothing in your schedule. 

Im not talking putting things aside, do your work, just finish it early.

Then, email your boss, or go into their office if they have an open door policy…

And ask this, GOLDEN question….

“Morning Boss, I managed to finish the (insert project or job you do) early. Is there anything you are working on that I can take off your hands or help out with?”

Music to a managers ears, my friend.

Of course they will have something, and you will get it done that day. And you will return the finished project for your boss RIGHT on finish time. 

“Done Boss, it was a bit of an interesting one! I managed to make a few notes on there just incase you have any questions. Shoot me an email if you need any clarification, but it should be all good to go”

Your boss goes home, tells their significant other about their fantastic employee who helped them get through this weeks mountainous workload, and all of a sudden, your a hero to a whole family.

That kind of influence is priceless.

5. Find a New Boss…

If none of the above works….then something is wrong.

Some bosses can never, ever appreciate the right people. 

They may have been good at a role below them, and been promoted, but you just cant teach good management and people skills. You either have them or you dont, and in some cases, your boss or manager wont.

If you are applying all of the above and you cant get through to your boss, the time is now to – respectfully – request a transfer or start looking for a new job in a new environment where you can be appreciated.

Go on, go out and get ’em, and #findyourpath

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