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WARNING! Your resume file name is LOSING you job opportunities!

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Yes, you read that right!

You have just updated your resume. 

Hopefully it’s graphic designed to stand out (if it isn’t, contact us), hopefully it’s optimised to beat Applicant Tracking System requirements (if it isn’t, contact us!).
You’re confident.
“This will make an impression!” You think.

Your potential new employer opens her email.

It’s a list of forwarded resumes from the HR company. There are 10 candidates who made the cut, for your new boss to decide on one.

The problem?

Your new boss has 15 minutes before she has to pick her son up from soccer practice. 

There are 10 resumes, but 7 of them are called “Resume.doc”. Uh oh.

The other three have optimised names


Human behaviour tells us that, if we have more tasks to complete than time, we will choose the easier, and more interesting, task.

What grabs your attention more?
Someone’s name.

Your new boss opens one of the resumes with a name in it, and doesn’t get around to yours before they leave the office. The person with the name gets the job, and yours wasn’t even opened.

Harsh. But a reality.

Bosses are humans, open to the same tendencies the rest of us have.

Play on those tendencies.
Exploit them.
Put yourself at the front of the line.

So before you send that document to your new boss, stop.

Check the filename.

And rename it something that will catch your bosses eye.


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